Mission Statement

Are you unable to afford a lawyer?

Granger Legal offers high quality legal services at a price you can afford.

Are you mystified by the legal system?  Do you need help in finding a lawyer with expertise in dealing with legal problems such as yours?  Need help in negotiating a retainer with a lawyer?  Maintaining a legal relationship with your lawyer?  Need help in understanding the financial relationship with your lawyer?

Granger Legal, if it cannot resolve your problem  will help you find and retain a lawyer specializing in problems similar to yours.

Granger Legal was established in April 2011 by the Honourable B.T.Granger Q.C., a retired judge with 46 years of experience in the justice system as a senior litigation partner at Lerners and as a trial judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Granger Legal’s focus and goal is to improve access to justice for the public by reducing legal fees while ensuring the delivery of high quality legal services in a timely manner.

Granger Legal applying 46 years of legal experience will attempt to resolve your legal problem without the necessity of proceeding in court which can be expensive. If Granger Legal feels you should retain counsel it  will assist you in retaining a lawyer and will always be prepared to do contract work on your file as directed by your counsel.

If Granger Legal does contract work on your file for your counsel it will invariably reduce your legal fees as Granger Legal can do such work at a lower rate than your counsel.

Granger Legal will assist you and members of the public in:

  • Understanding the legal process.
  • Finding a lawyer.
  • Preparing for the first meeting with a potential lawyer.
  • Advising on a retainer agreement.
  • Negotiating and understanding the financial relationship between lawyer and client.
  • Developing and maintaining a strong working relationship between lawyer and client.
  • Project managing large litigation files or multiple litigation files for an individual or corporation.

Lawyers and Law Firms

Are you concerned about rising overhead costs and completing work when you have to be in court?

Granger Legal can assist lawyers or law firms to reduce their overhead expenses and legal fees, while at the same time increasing their client base, by undertaking on a contract basis:

  • Disclosure proceedings, including electronic disclosure.
  • Preparation of Affidavit of Documents.
  • The conduct cross examinations and examinations for discovery.
  • Trial preparation.
  • Legal research.

Granger Legal is a sole practitioner law office and  its fixed overhead expenses will in most cases be lower than most law offices and as a result  can provide high quality legal services at a lower hourly rate. By outsourcing legal services to Granger Legal, law firms only pay for services when needed and can reduce their ongoing fixed overhead costs.

Granger Legal’s fees for the services it provides will be modest and affordable and therefore will be cost effective for lawyers and their clients without compromising the high quality legal service it provides.

B.T.Granger Q.C, the principal, of Granger Legal will apply his experience as a trial lawyer and trial judge in assisting lawyers in evidentiary issues, trial strategies, witness preparation and courtroom presentation including the use of electronic documents in the courtroom and settlement negotiations. These services can be provided on short notice, if emergencies arise.

Granger Legal at all times encourages clients who have retained a lawyer to continue that relationship, as changing lawyers is expensive and can delay the legal process.  If a lawyer or law firm refers specific work within a file to Granger Legal, we not act for the client on any other matter without a referral.

Granger Legal also offers a general mediation/arbitration service in all areas of the law. B.T. Granger Q.C. has expertise in the area of mediating settlement of custody, access, child support, spousal support and property disputes or arbitrating a resolution of such disputes. The fees charged for mediation/arbitration services will take into account the financial means of the parties.

If you need help with a legal problem and don’t know where to start consider contacting Granger Legal for high quality legal services delivered in a cost effective manner at a cost that fits your budget.